Saturday, October 1, 2016

Planning My Time

I have been feeling very out of sorts lately. Lately, as in ever since we started our school year back up and all of our activities. This year my oldest is in 2nd grade and my youngest is pre-k. It is the first year with both of them being involved and I was determined to be prepared. Well that didn't work out of course because I planned out 3 weeks in advance and I have all but threw it all out the window.

I find myself sitting back and thinking "this is not what I want our homeschool to be" a lot. I know I am the only one who can change it, but I have been feeling so overwhelmed and lost lately that I can't even figure out who has clean socks, let alone how I can better our school. I kept wondering and wondering why I felt like I did. Imagine taking neatly filed papers and literally throwing them all into the air. That moment when you look up and see everything flying every which way and you don't know how you will get it all back together. That is the feeling I have had every day.

So because of this feeling I have not wanted to leave the house, but have had to of course. I have had zero motivation to do anything because really, where do you start?

Then I had a playdate with a friend. I think it was more a playdate for us than for the kids because we both didn't stop talking the entire time about the things that were bugging us and she knew exactly what was wrong with me. She asked me one question: How is your chore and laundry schedule going? I said: What schedule?? As soon as summer hit it went out the window.

So this was my AHA moment. I have never in my life had a plan on when to do chores or laundry. I have to say this is one thing hubby really dislikes because I am a clutterer. I am really trying to get out of the clutterness, but it is easier said than done for sure! Last year this same friend sat me down and helped me create a schedule. Not only for chores, but for laundry and every day things. I have never ever used a planner. I am getting much better because I have one that I use daily for work and it makes my life so much easier! And I am creating my new one for my school activities, chore schedule, and laundry.

I have been so overwhelmed just thinking about how much stuff I have to do, and worrying about when and if it will ever get done. A couple week ago I just had to have proof of progress because cleaning the house is like brushing my teeth with oreos and the success is immediately replaced with the feeling that I have to do it again then next day. So I painted the kitchen. This is a task that has needed to be done since we moved in 4 years ago! I had been waiting and waiting to find the perfect "light" color because everybody I talked to said I need a light color in the kitchen, especially since I have black cabinets. Well I never found the color. I went into my garage and perused my many many gallons of Oops paint and came across a tera cotta type color. My sister said it wouldn't look right, my friend wasn't a fan, but I said screw it and threw caution to the wind! When it was done, I looked around and was so happy I just made the decision and did it. I love the color, my sister loves the color, and so does my friend. And of course hubby likes it so that is a bonus!

How do you keep your stuff in order and not get overwhelmed? Does it seem like a never ending battle?

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