Saturday, October 18, 2014

Kid Friendly Recipes!

I was recently asked to review a book, Kids Cooking Made Easy by Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek and in return I got the book for free.  I am SO glad I did it because we have already made multiple recipes from the book.  The recipes are very kid friendly, good, and easy.

As you know, my hubby is a chef (and no, he doesn't cook at home very often!) so the boys LOVE to cook.  It is one of their favorite things to do with me, so it was great to have recipes that they could actively help with.

Z and I went through the book and marked all of the recipes we were interested in making.  Then we went back through and narrowed it down from pretty much all of them, and picked out a few.  We started with the Chewy PB Granola Bars.  Let me tell you, these are delicious!  I have tried other granola bar recipes and they do not compare at all.  I accidentally made them in the wrong size pan so they came out thin, but next time (which will be really soon) I will use the right pan!

Next we made the Hot Pretzels!  This was really fun because the kids could dig in.  Z mixed with his hands and then we even got to practice some math with measuring the ingredients and the length of the dough ropes we made!  K was able to make his own pretzels or what he called "pancakes" and they came out great no matter what the shape was.  I have always been intimidated by making hot pretzels, but these were so easy and delicious that they will definitely be in our home a lot.

Last, for now, we made the Honey BBQ Chicken Nuggets.  These were delicious.  Easy, good dinner.

This cookbook is a must get, especially if you have kids who eat!  I have attached an affiliate link to the Kids Cooking Made Easy for your convenience.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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