Sunday, September 21, 2014

Homeschool Schedule

Before I started homeschooling 2 weeks ago I thought "I am going to have a schedule and we will get x, y, and z done every day!"  And 3rd week in and that has all went out the window...

Let me tell you why.

I originally thought that I could do the 'school time' in the morning for about an hour while my husband played with our 2 year old.  Which was a great idea in theory. In my post Why I Am Homeschooling my number 1 reason is so that they don't lose time with daddy.  By doing school in the morning Z lost all that time with daddy and since we normally ran over the hour time frame because we were enjoying it, he didn't barely see daddy at all.  

So after the first week of doing it that way we came to the decision that we will do school time when we can throughout the day.  I found this much easier.  Last week we did all of the sit down school stuff when K went for his afternoon nap and turned everything into a learning experience.  

Then at the end of the week I realized that I really didn't know what we had accomplished even though I had written down our sit down school time to record it.  This week we will be switching it up a little more.  

I printed out a week's worth of a daily planner to try it out.  Each day I wrote activities and the subject we would be doing.  The goal is to cover all of the topics on that day.  The first week will be the trial to see if it works or if we need to add or cut items out.  But this way I feel a little more in control and if I have everything on my list checked off for the day, I know that we are done.

So far we love homeschooling and most days Z says something similar to "we didn't do school today!" because learning throughout the day doesn't seem like school.  Especially when you are having fun!

How do you schedule your day?

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  1. I think this is a great approach for really young children. I am just starting homeschool as well. We are approaching week 6. I am such a crazy, by the book, always on schedule on this time and this subject. I think it drives my daughter crazy a bit. But it seems to be working for us. I've been trying to make it more fun since she sometimes hates the "sit down" work. But not everyday. I noticed that if we do everything we can as much as we can in the mornings before lunch, she is set, prepared and full attention For some reason after lunch, she isn't interested in doing anything anymore and her attitude shifts and she is so much harder to teach afterwards. So I started a new schedule where we pretty much get everything we can done in the morning.
    It does get hard though. I have three kids [2 are babies} so sometimes the distractions from them can get on her nerves as well. But we are trying. I wrote a blog post about my new schedule and plans last week if you care to look. I plan on writing another post in a few more weeks to update it


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