Tuesday, September 9, 2014

1st Day of Homeschool Kindergarten

I have been preparing for this day for about 3 weeks now and was very overwhelmed with all of the curriculum choices and nervous about doing it right or wrong.  Another thing we have run into a lot was random strangers asking my son if he is ready for school.  I was determined to start our school at the same time as public schools so that he doesn't have to come up with any excuses or reasons for strangers.  So today was the day!

I worked hard getting his desk refinished and stained, but I didn't get it completely done.  This weekend I will finish it up with a last coat and finishing the roll-top portion of it.  He still loves having his own desk and pretty much sat at it every chance he could today!

Hubby doesn't normally have to work until around noon every day so we are doing our schooling mainly in the morning.  The plan is to not stress too much about time and getting things done on a strict schedule.

Today we woke up around 8, ate breakfast and around 9:30 we started school.  Hubby took care of the toddler while we did our core subjects.  We have a dry erase calendar and he wrote all of the numbers in the appropriate spots.  Then we focused on writing his full name in capital and lower case letters.  We went through sight word flashcards and reviewed ones we have already done.

I decorated our school area with posters I found at the dollar store and one is the layers of the earth. He was very interested in this and decided he wanted to do an earth craft.

After the toddler took his nap and he did his quiet time we took a field trip to the library and played and checked out some books.

When we got home we did our Earth craft.  All in all I think we had a pretty good day and he was pretty happy about it so it is a win win.  The best part is that I can have hugs whenever I want!


  1. I highly recommend the Handwriting without Tears program if you can...I did it with my boys but stopped when my oldest went off to K 2 years ago...now that we're homeschooling I'm having to do a total regression (my 3rd grader is starting HWT cursive, 1st grader in HWT print) because the schools got them so ineffectively writing.


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