Saturday, August 16, 2014

To the lady handing out samples at the grocery store

You know that moment when you are rushing through the store because you only came for 5 items and want to actually make it home in time to get dinner cooked?  And then the kids spot free samples.  Then it turns into a frantic "we need free samples right now" chant,
and because you are in a rush and just want to get through the store without a fit or a fight you let them have one.

The problem today was that we were behind the actual sample and because I was pushing the mack truck of all buggies, the dreaded car buggie, I didn't want to have to go all the way through the isle and maneuver back around for one free sample.  So instead I peeked to the side of the lady and took 3 samples.  One for each kid and one for me (don't was cookies!).  The lady glanced at me and I took the look as a glare and kind of bowed out and walked away.  I knew I had sort of cut in line and that I did take 3 instead of 1 but for all of our sanity it had to be done.

So we completed our shopping with too much back tracking and not enough silence to actually concentrate on those 5 items I had to get.  While we were in the produce area the sample lady came up to me.  She apologized for being so busy and brought a coloring sheet, stickers, and a crayon for each kid.

That made my day and the kid's day.  It was so nice and out of the ordinary for her to do that.  Obviously her look was not a glare, but as an apologetic glance at me and she regretted she couldn't give the kids their actual treats.

Thank you sample distributor for being nice.  Thank you for finding us in the store when you didn't have to.  Thank you for giving us a second glance that didn't consist of "what is that lady doing bringing her kids to the grocery store!".  Thank you for being a very nice person.

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