Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

When I decided to homeschool a few weeks ago I felt immediate relief because I made a decision.  Well that was quickly followed by a panic.  I had no idea what to teach, how to teach, or how to even begin to homeschool.  I really still don't but I am getting my feet wet.

First thing that I did was reach out to another mom I know who is homeschooling.  Our kids were in preschool together last year and we ran into each other at a birthday party.  It was nice to talk to somebody like-minded about something we were both unsure of.  We both sort of made our decision around the same time even though we didn't know it.

After sitting down with her my nerves settled a little bit.  Kindergarten is mostly basic core subjects and I can find most resources online and make my own curriculum.  One thing that she introduced me to is Konos.

As I said I don't know anything about any curriculums or options so this was all new to me.  I don't have my Konos book yet (I lucked out and am getting it free!) but she is part of a small co-op of 4 moms and I was lucky enough to be able to join it so now it is 5 moms!  We met and it is basically a unit study where you go through different units such as Indians or Prey and Predator.  You spend as much time as needed and go through the topic in as much detail as you want or don't want to and it can be child led.  If they are interested more in one subject than another, we will just spend more time on that.  It is nice because all of our kids are around the same age and we will meet once a week to do an activity.  Most are crafts so it will be like a learning play date.

I have also decided that I am going to start with a basic plan of schooling Tuesday through Saturday because hubby is a chef and his schedule is really weird, but the most likely days he will be off are Sunday and Monday.  I also plan to do one core subject a day in the morning for about a half hour.  If he wants to do more on it we will, but I think a half hour for Kindergarten work is plenty.  I am going to do it on a rotating schedule so every day we do a different subject.  In the afternoon we will do a craft or activity from the Konos curriculum.  This will be fun because my 2 year old can join in too and learn.

What curriculum are you using?  Do you think it is necessary to have one in Kindergarten?  How does your homeschool day look?

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