Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Laundry Win!

I am sure you have all battled with your kids about putting their laundry away.  My son is 5 and he started putting his away about a year ago so he knows how to do it.  Of course it isn't always perfect but he does a good job.

Well last night he decided that he was going to refuse and throw himself on the floor in a tantrum.  So I, as calmly as possible but loud enough for him to hear me over his own screaming, told him to go in his room until he can calm down and we will talk about his decision.

So after he kind of calmed down I informed him that until he puts his laundry away, his laundry basket full of folded clean clothes will sit on top of my dresser untouched and he will have to make due with whatever he has left in his room that is clean or dirty.

He decided that was fine and he "will never put ALL of his laundry away!!" (Stomp and Stomp to make his point clear).

Last night as I was putting his brother to bed he got a pajama shirt from the basket.  I took it off of him and put it back in the basket and told him to find something else in his room.  He found a pair of feety pjs that are fairly thin so he wouldn't be too hot.

This morning he woke up and asked me to help him find clothes.  He had plenty of clean shirts but was out of clean shorts in his room.  He pulled a pair from the dirty hamper to wear (he wore them for 2 hours the day before inside so they weren't really dirty).

Tonight at bedtime I went to say goodnight and he was in thick feety pjs and said he was hot.  I told him to take them off and sleep naked or in whatever he could find that was clean.

He decided to put his laundry away!

And he just came out and asked if I had MORE laundry for him to put away!

Definite Mommy Laundry Win!

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