Monday, June 23, 2014

10 Tips for Good Beach Etiquette

With summer here I'm sure many of you have plans to hit the beach!  Living in a beach area myself it is very frustrating to go to the tourism beach because proper beach etiquette is not used at all! Because of this most locals, including myself steer clear of the main oceanfront until the tourists are gone which pretty much leaves us at the beach in the winter!

So I decided that maybe people who don't live at the beach don't know the right way to be at the beach. I'm here to help you not tick off the locals!

1.  If there is plenty of beach available, do not plop down right next to somebody else.

2.  If you have kids with you, be mindful of the people there without kids and do not sit right next to      them in sand throwing range.  Just think if you had a day at the beach without your kids, would          you want somebody else's kids throwing sand at you?

3.  Whatever you bring with you, take with you.  Do not leave wrappers and food scraps on the              beach.  This is littering and it also attracts bugs and other creatures who live there. Ever hear the      phrase only take with you what you brought and leave only footsteps?  You can take seashells,          but nothing alive because it will die!

4.  Pick up your cigarette butts.  They are litter too.  I hate it when I go to the beach and my kids            bring me cigarette butts that they found and don't know what they are.  It is gross and very much      littering.

5.  Do not stand up and shake off all of your belongings without looking around first.  You will most      likely shake all of your sand onto somebody else.  Move up closer to the entrance of the beach          and do it there or be very careful shaking your items as close to the ground as possible.                      Sometimes I bring home more sand than I should because I would rather shake my stuff in my          yard than onto somebody else.

6.  Do not shade other people.  If they wanted an umbrella or beach tent, they would have brought          one.

7.  If you bring a pet, keep it on it's leash if it doesn't listen off the leash.  It sucks to have a wet dog      run up and jump all over you.

8.  If you want to play frisbee or something, either be good enough that you don't hit anybody, or do      it far enough away so that it doesn't hit anybody.  I don't want to have to watch for flying objects      while relaxing at the beach.

9.  Accidents happen, but if you break glass at the beach clean up as much as you possibly can, even      if it means taking a bucket of sand to the trash!  Or better yet, don't bring glass to the beach.

10.  Respect those around you.  I saved the best for last because it is the biggest reason that all of            these other things happen.  Think about everybody else on the beach trying to enjoy their time          and then think about how your actions or lack of action can prevent them from enjoying their            time too.

All in all, it is all about being aware of your surroundings and enjoying the beach while letting others enjoy it too.  Just remember you are not the only one on the beach and if you don't like it when somebody does it to you, they probably don't like it either.

If I left anything out, please add it in the comments!

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