Friday, May 16, 2014

I Survived Friday!

Well today was one of those days that just kept on giving...

Have you ever had one of those days where it is just one thing after another, after another, after another?

I woke up this morning with the thought "It's Friday, today will be a good day."

I had set the coffee maker the night before so I thought I was golden.

I went downstairs with my 5 year old.  Asked him what he wanted for breakfast and he said a frozen waffle...  I realized we don't have any, but figured for good measure I would double check the freezer in the garage where we keep our extra stuff.

I went out and TA-DA! the freezer was open, and had been since the day before when my 5 year old got a loaf of bread out around 11am.  In this freezer was a lot of meat, breads, and of course on the top shelf a gallon sized baggie of ice....  Imagine what my freezer looked like.

I kept my cool and told Z that he needs to be more careful with the door and he needed to help me clean it all up.  As I was explaining why we now have to cook 2 whole chickens, a pack of chicken breasts, and about 15 lobster tails, he decided he was going to 'help me cook and eat it all!" and was very excited.  Now if only I felt the same way...

After we removed all of the meats and the food that was ruined because of the melted ice that was covering everything I had to figure out what to do with everything.  The lobster tails and the chicken breasts were a must cook today and the whole chickens were still partially frozen so at least I have a couple of days with those.

At this point, still no coffee has been drank.

Baby C arrives around 7:30am and wants to eat so I get his breakfast ready and Z gets cereal because no waffles.  Both are eating as I go through the meats.  I turn my back and hear "uh oh".  Z had spilled his bowl of cereal with milk all over himself and the floor.  So he cleans that up and strips in the kitchen leaving his milk covered clothes strewn about.  I have to find him new clothes in the laundry baskets in the living room because I have had ZERO time to put all of our laundry away.  After he is done eating I finish cleaning up the mess and Baby C's mess.

Hubby takes him to school and it downpours for the next 2 hours.

I had plans to go with the babies and a friend to shop for some shorts for me because every pair I own either has paint on them or holes.  It was pouring so bad and the babies wouldn't cooperate so instead we only had time to go through Starbucks drive through (her treat thankfully!).

I go in to pick up Z at school and realize I completely missed a short program his class was doing... and I cried, at his school, in front of his teacher and his class.  Luckily it wasn't the sobbing fit that I would have done had I been home.  I felt like CRAP because I had been telling him ALL week I was going to be there.  Definite Mommy FAIL!  I asked him and he assured me he was only a little bit upset but not too much.

We get home, Z helps me make everybody PBJs.  As I am giving the little ones their food I glance behind me to see Z (who recently learned how to pour milk when the carton is only half full) pouring his own milk, not even slowing down when it is spilling over the sides of his cup and the stepstool he is using as a table.  After he cleans that mess up (20 minutes later), he decides he isn't hungry because I guess I missed a school party too because he supposedly ate "about 3 cupcakes, some chips, some cookies, and some other stuff I don't remember."

Ok!  Naptime and quiet time!  Z came out of quiet time 3 times to pee.  This boy can hold it all day, but for an hour in quiet time he has to come out 3 times...This equals I accomplish nothing....

Everybody gets up...My sister picks up Z and takes him to play with his cousin.  The next 2 hours were pretty uneventful and I got a few errands run with cooperative babies.

Between 430pm and 630pm Z had 2 complete fits where he was sent to his room for not listening to simple things...Things that there is no reason to argue over, such as me saying "can you take these 2 army men and put them in the bag they go in?" and him saying "no! I am not doing something Yucky!  I will not do that!".  ummmm really?  I think you will or you will go to your room.... and he stayed in his room and missed half of his bedtime show= another fit....

I get K to bed at 7pm, start putting Z to bed, K wakes up at 7:30 crying...I get him back to bed.  Z still not asleep so he calls me back into his room.

8:45pm and he came out of his room for the 5th time since 7:30... I put him back to bed and closed his door (always fall asleep with it open).

I survived....tomorrow can only be better!

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