Sunday, March 16, 2014

All About the Steps

Have you ever woken up and thought "What have I gotten myself into?",  "Why did I take on another thing?", "How did we get so many bills?", "When did I get unhealthy?"

Yeah, me too.

Well today I started out having a rough day.  Everything just kind of snowballed me out of the blue.  I started listing the multiple responsibilities I have right now, the lack of funds, the constant stress of everything not getting done.  I just needed something to relieve it, something to clear my brain.  So instead of doing something from the pile of things that needed done, I worked out.

I don't work out.  I try to add exercise into my life, but I don't work out.

So I did everything I could think of and I did jumping jacks, I did a step work out on a small step I have in my living room, I jogged in place, and I did arm weights until I felt better. After this there was a little clarity.

You know what I realized?

I realized that I just need a plan.  I need to do 'steps' to get to where I want to be.  I can make lists and plan and try to cram as much into a day as possible, but I won't get where I need to be without a lot of stress.  So I decided to think about my biggest stressors and write 'steps' to get to my end goal.  So here it is:

Problem 1:  Overwhelmed with demands from school:
I am due to graduate in July.  I normally take a week long break between my classes, but my schedule requires a 2 week break between my last class and the previous one.
Step: By working harder for my last 3 classes and eliminating those breaks I can finish 3 weeks sooner.
Result: Bachelor's degree completed, no more homework.

Problem 2:  Get Healthy:
I have weighed more than I should for a long time.  I have been in denial because I have been steadily at the same higher weight for years.  At least since I got pregnant with my first son.  My plan?
Steps: Eat healthier, force myself to work out, use essential oils instead of medicines, and focus on teaching my kids to be healthy.
Result:  Lose weight, feel better, set a good example for the kids, live longer.

Problem 3:  Finances:
Paying bills is stressful.  It is something I dread every week.  It isn't that we are necessarily broke, but I suck at budgeting and we tend to spend more than we need to.  Going on the way we are seems to be like treading thick water.  When I was at the library the other day I walked down only one isle of normal books (not kid books) before the kids started trying to pull all the books off of the shelf.  I took only one step down the isle.  I had no idea what the isle's subject was.  I looked to the right and the first book I saw was Dave Ramsey's The Total Money Makeover.  Hmmmm.  I checked it out.  I couldn't pass it up.  After I worked out, I read the intro, then the first chapter, and I am already 1/4 way through the book.
Steps: Reading and following Dave Ramsey's steps.  Changing our financial state will be hard and I have to get my husband on board, but the end result can be huge and super beneficial.
Result: Financial freedom and no debt or stress.

Problem 4:  Working from home:
This rolls into the finances, but working from home is a huge stressor for me.  I want to be able to be home to take my kids to school, pick them up, not have to put them in daycare.  I want to always be here for them.  That is one of the most important things to me.  The thought of not being there when they get home or if they need me hurts my heart and makes my stomach flip.  They are my boys and I need to be there for myself and for them.  My plan?
Steps: I started working for Lifebushido and am very excited about it. It won't make me rich, but it will definitely supplement my husband's salary.  I am planning on using the money that I have made from my new job to purchase the start-up pack from Young Living essential oils.  I am so excited about incorporating oils into my daily life that I think I can excel at it.  Even if I just make enough to pay for my oils I would be happy!
Result: Be home for my kids and be able to help with bills.

So I am on my journey, do you have a journey you want to be on?


  1. Being able to work from home to be with my son was a huge one for me! I started working with Shaklee to supplement my husband's income and I love it! I also find that we are actually saving money with me being home because I'm not shopping and buying lunch every day.

    1. I have been lucky enough to be able to temporarily supplement by watching a friend's son, but we need a little bit more than that and I am really excited about pursuing my opportunities.


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