Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Optimus Prime Transformer Cake

My 5 year old loves the Transformers.  He has all of the Rescue Bots, but Optimus Prime is his favorite.  I mean his absolute favorite!  He pretends he is Optimus pretty much all day, and K is Bumblebee (and happy to fill that role!).

So for his 5th Birthday party, we did a Transformers theme.  His invitations, decorations, plates, his shirt, and his cake were all revolved around the Transformers.

Daddy is a Chef and has some experience decorating cakes so this was definitely a job for him.  We decided making an Optimum Prime cake shaped like a truck instead of a robot would be the easiest.   I don't know all of the ins and outs of his cake making process, but I know it took forever and he used fondant and regular cream cheese icing that he made.  And the trick to making the colors really pop is using a gel food coloring.

So here are the pictures of this awesome cake!

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