Wednesday, March 26, 2014

From Pallet to Garden Box

This year we decided we need a garden.  Last year we did a few plants in pots and it didn't work out very well.  We didn't even get any veggies from them so it was a bust.

We wanted something that we can move next year if we need to, and something cheap!  I love recycling and reusing things.  We have had pallets in our back yard for months now that I have been wanting to break down, but it is has been a daunting task.  Until I read about an easy way to break them down.  I would have never thought of this and I can't remember where I saw the tip.  You use a saws all with a 9-12 inch blade and cut right through the nails.  This saved us probably 5 hours of work disassembling 3 pallets without destroying the wood.

The garden boxes were really easy to make and we built 3 with 3 pallets with some wood left over.  My husband used the support pieces (the thickest and sturdiest pieces) for the corners.  The sides were the wider pieces of wood.  We used the nail gun and attached the side pieces evenly to the corner pieces.  The corner pieces are longer to use for attaching chicken wire to keep the kids and the bunnies out.

After we used the nail gun to hold things in place we used a countersink drill bit (affiliate link below for your convenience) for the screws.  We used 2.5 inch screws and they were even with the wood (countersunk).

Z went around and nailed in any loose nails for us.  And the box was done!

We did not build a bottom because we are planning on tilling the dirt underneath if it ever gets warm enough.  The boxes measure about 3 feet by 3 feet and 8 inches deep.

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