Saturday, March 8, 2014

5th Birthday Activities

At the beginning of February my little baby turned into a 5 year old.  Time definitely flies.  We try to make every birthday special.  So we started his day out with our birthday tradition of dumping balloons into his bed.  He always loves this and has fun with the balloons for days or weeks after!

Next it was breakfast time which I had prepared the night before.  His favorite is pancakes and sausage so I made them heart shaped for his special day.  I made him a Paw Patrol t-shirt to wear on his birthday and I had ordered an iron-on.  I didn't read the instructions right and put it on a dark shirt rather than a white shirt, so it didn't show up well.  He loved it so that is all that matters.

We decided to try something new and went to the Air & Space Center, and it was a great decision!  When we got there I informed the lady at the front that it was his birthday.  She was currently waiting for an elementary school group and took time to take us to a special room and show him how to push a stick through a balloon without popping it.  This employee made our day, she was great.  I emailed them later that day to tell them how great she was.

Z got to fly an airplane, stand under a helicopter, see a moon rock (can you see he is thrilled about that one!), see a rocket launch, find out how much he weighs on other planets, and stand under huge planets.

He also got to pretend he was an astronaut!  We all had so much fun that we will definitely be going again.  

After quiet time him and daddy went to Toys R Us to use a gift card and the rest of his birthday money.  He decided that he wanted to buy a $60 Optimus Prime Beast Hunter!  It is a good thing he used his money because I definitely would not have spent $60 on a toy!

For dinner we went with my sister and niece and he got to have a huge brownie sunday and got a balloon signed by the waitstaff.

All in all I think he had a fantastic birthday, and that was before he even had his birthday party the next weekend!

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