Thursday, January 16, 2014

Where is my motivation?

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I have been having some issues with my 20 month old sleeping through the night.  I am finally making some progress and have actually gotten him to fall asleep on his own without me rocking him to sleep, and I have been able to close his door without him crying.  That said, he was still up 4 times last night.

With lack of sleep comes lack of motivation.  I went to bed early last night in hopes of getting a decent night's sleep, but even though I went to bed early, waking up every 2 hours for a half hour makes feeling rested hard.

I haven't been motivated to do homework, blog, cook, clean, or really anything!  I have doing only the must-do things and really just putting everything else on the back burner.  I just can't make myself motivated because I am just tired and worn out.  The personal time that I normally get from the time the kids go to bed by 8 and the time they wake up at 7 is gone.  My husband has been working for the past 2 weeks straight so he hasn't been home to help and I think it is taking its toll on me.

Here is my plan!  I am planning on getting my motivation back this weekend.  I am planning on finding a way to take at least 1 hour for myself, even if I have to lock myself in the bathroom with a novel.  I am planning on recruiting my 4 year old for chore duty and get some things done this weekend.  I am planning on hitting up Pinterest for some kid entertainment inspiration for next week.  And I am planning on having fun this weekend.

How do you get your motivation back?

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