Friday, January 31, 2014

The Truth about Children's Tylenol Dosing

As with anything, medicines change. Tylenol has recently undergone a concentration change. This means that the concentration of medicine per Ml is the same in infants and children's Tylenol.

Shocked?  Me too!  

I have been paying almost double the price of Children's Tylenol for Infant's Tylenol. Infant's Tylenol is an extremely smaller bottle than Children's Tylenol. 

When I took my 21 month old to the doctor for a fever they suggested Tylenol or ibuprofen. I asked them the dosage of infant's since it is no longer listed on any bottles. She told me not to buy infant's anymore because you are getting the same exact thing as Children's for way more money.  Who knew? Not us concerned parents worried about overdosing their kids. 

If you look at the concentration on the package you will see 160/5ml on both infant and children Tylenol. They are the exact same thing!

I was also told that the dosage goes by weight, not age.  Get the scoop from your doctor and make sure you are giving the right dosage, but it is amazing what we are not told.

I will never buy infant's tylenol again.  


  1. I'd like to second that -- get the right dosing from your doctor! We were under-dosing our son and didn't realize it until we wound up at the ER for an ear infection and they told us how much we should have been giving him.

    1. I would rather call the doctor and wait for a call back instead of guessing on a dosage. You just never know if the companies have changed something and didn't tell you! Thanks for stopping in.


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