Tuesday, January 7, 2014

No Sleeping Update!

Well the little guy slept almost all night last night!  But this morning he was coughing really bad again so we took him to the doctor.  The doctor said he has croup :(

From what I can find it stems from a viral infection and isn't contagious as a cough, but somebody might get a cold or virus from him that may lead to the cough.

I also read that using steam, like from a shower, a humidifier, and cold air work well to help soothe the cough.  They gave us a prescription for steroids and said we can use it if we want to.  I think we will try to get rid of the cough without use of steroids unless it gets worse.

What is your opinion on croup and using steroids?  This is the first time either of my kids have gotten it.  And any home remedies are greatly appreciated.

I am just glad we took him to the doctor and have an idea of how to help him and maybe even fix this sleeping thing!

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