Monday, January 6, 2014

Help! My Kid Won't Sleep!

It all started early Thursday morning. When I say early, I mean 1am early. K (my 20 month old) woke up crying. I went and got him, did all the usual things like check his diaper, get him a drink, made sure he wasn't sick.

Since he isn't usually one to wake up and stay up, I rocked him and put him back to bed. He started crying as soon as I started to leave. This went on for awhile until I gave up and woke my hubby up to take over since I had already been up with him from 1am to 5 and needed to wake up by 7 to watch my kids and baby C.  I couldn't function on only an hour and a half of sleep.

Hubby brought him downstairs and laid on the couch with him and K watched TV.  He stayed up until 8pm that night, refused any nap, and was obviously tired.

The next 2 nights he woke up and I just brought him into our bed. He has never slept with us and it was definitely on and off sleep for all of us.

Saturday night he slept from about 830pm to 6am.  I even went to bed around 1030 so I got a full 8 hours of sleep!  It must have been prep for last night.  He went to sleep, after much coaxing, around 830pm.  I thought we were all good after Saturday night and I stayed up until 11pm.  Big mistake since he woke up at 130.  And he refused to go to sleep again.

I tried everything from rocking, to singing, to bringing him in bed with us.  He would not settle down at all!  After 2.5 hours of battling him I was frustrated, irritated, and grumpy.  I hate being this way and I know it probably wasn't helping matters with his grumpiness.

I woke hubby up to take over.  He brought him downstairs around 5, turned on the TV, and K passed out on his beanbag chair and hubby on the couch.  This is how I found them at 7.

Tonight it was another battle at bedtime and he has started coughing a couple of days ago.  Well tonight he coughed so hard he threw up on me and him.  He finally went to bed around 830 again.

So I am crossing my fingers and thinking positively that he will sleep until at least 6am.

If anybody has any suggestions, please please let me know!  I have tried giving him a baby massage with lavender lotion, rocking and rocking him, warm milk before bed, and tylenol in case his throat hurts from his cough.

Wish me luck :)

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