Friday, January 31, 2014

The Truth about Children's Tylenol Dosing

As with anything, medicines change. Tylenol has recently undergone a concentration change. This means that the concentration of medicine per Ml is the same in infants and children's Tylenol.

Shocked?  Me too!  

I have been paying almost double the price of Children's Tylenol for Infant's Tylenol. Infant's Tylenol is an extremely smaller bottle than Children's Tylenol. 

When I took my 21 month old to the doctor for a fever they suggested Tylenol or ibuprofen. I asked them the dosage of infant's since it is no longer listed on any bottles. She told me not to buy infant's anymore because you are getting the same exact thing as Children's for way more money.  Who knew? Not us concerned parents worried about overdosing their kids. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

5 Things to Entertain Kids While You Are Sick

When moms are sick, they don't get sick leave, they need to figure out a way to make it work!  My sister recently got the flu and has been stuck home with her 5 year old daughter, barely able to get out of bed.  We also happened to be snowed in so she asked me for some ideas so here is what I gave her!

1.  Bring snow inside and let her play in the tub with it.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Play Dough

I don't know where you are, but we actually got snow, and a lot of it, last week.  I live where snow is a maybe in the winter and it definitely never lasts longer than 1 night.  Well this winter storm cancelled school for 2 days and then my 21 month old had a fever on the 3rd day.  We were stuck inside for what seemed like forever!

I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and Facebook trying to get ideas of what to do and one thing I came across was making play dough with snow instead of water.  It was such a great idea that I had to use it!

I got it from Almost Unschoolers and it was so much fun.

The boys loved mixing the ingredients and seeing the different textures.

We added silver glitter to give it more effect and they used all of their play dough gear to make fun shapes and creations.  If you have snow, this is a must try!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Teaching Toddler Thursday- Pretend Play

Welcome back to Teaching Toddler Thursday!  This past week we did pretend play.  We had a lot of fun pretending to be different things.  

We first had a pretend picnic with the stuffed animals. The kids enjoyed feeding them puff balls with a spoon and Z delivered the food in a dump truck.  

They pretended to play doctor to the animals, but I couldn't get any decent pictures of them!  But they had a great time playing with the doctor kit and taking care of the stuffed animals.  

We had super hero day!  They all had capes and masks from baby C's brother's birthday party over the summer and loved running around and jumping on the bean bag chairs.  They rescued the stuffed animals from the top of a building and even dressed them up as superheroes.

They enjoyed being chefs for a day and Chef Z cooked up all sorts of goodies while K worked the cash register and baby C went shopping for groceries.  

Pretend play is a great way to get their imaginations going and have a great time doing something different.  It is also a great thing to do on a rainy day.

Monday, January 20, 2014

5 Ways to Build Any Relationship

Lately I have been taking a close look at my relationships.  This includes with friends, family, significant other, kids, pretty much anybody that you want to have a good relationship with.  I have boiled it down to 5 things you can do to better your relationships.

1.  Call Them
I mean really call them on the phone.  Texting and emailing are both great to have and easy to use, but it leaves out that personal touch of a phone call.  Texting and emails can also be misconstrued and cause problems between people when there really shouldn't be any.  It is especially important to call people on birthdays and holidays.  Talking to your friends and family is the best way to put yourself in a position to build your relationship.

2.  Visit Them
Take time out of your month to visit them.  Everybody has busy lives, but it is important to take some time to show somebody else you care.  It doesn't matter if you stop by somebody's work to bring them a coffee.  Building and maintaining a relationship takes effort on everybody's part.  They should also reciprocate and take time to visit you.

3.  Confide in Them
If you want to build a relationship with anybody, confide in them.  Share your experiences and opinions with them.  Any kind of relationship is a give and take, and you want them to be able to come to you and confide in you.  The only way to create that kind of connection, is to be able to confide in them.

4.  Be Yourself
Sometimes it is hard to be yourself because you want to be impress people and you want to make sure that they like you.  The quickest way to lose a friend is pretending to be somebody you aren't.  Be yourself and people will like you for who you are.  If they don't like you for who you are, you might want to reconsider if building a relationship with them is the right answer.

5.  Be Honest
This is probably the biggest and most important thing to do in building a relationship.  Be honest. Be honest with yourself, your friends, family, husband, and wife.  If you want to have a good relationship, you have to be honest.

I am going to be practicing these 5 things from now on, and I hope you do too!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Where is my motivation?

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I have been having some issues with my 20 month old sleeping through the night.  I am finally making some progress and have actually gotten him to fall asleep on his own without me rocking him to sleep, and I have been able to close his door without him crying.  That said, he was still up 4 times last night.

With lack of sleep comes lack of motivation.  I went to bed early last night in hopes of getting a decent night's sleep, but even though I went to bed early, waking up every 2 hours for a half hour makes feeling rested hard.

I haven't been motivated to do homework, blog, cook, clean, or really anything!  I have doing only the must-do things and really just putting everything else on the back burner.  I just can't make myself motivated because I am just tired and worn out.  The personal time that I normally get from the time the kids go to bed by 8 and the time they wake up at 7 is gone.  My husband has been working for the past 2 weeks straight so he hasn't been home to help and I think it is taking its toll on me.

Here is my plan!  I am planning on getting my motivation back this weekend.  I am planning on finding a way to take at least 1 hour for myself, even if I have to lock myself in the bathroom with a novel.  I am planning on recruiting my 4 year old for chore duty and get some things done this weekend.  I am planning on hitting up Pinterest for some kid entertainment inspiration for next week.  And I am planning on having fun this weekend.

How do you get your motivation back?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sverve Turns One!

If you don't know what Sverve is, you should definitely check it out!  It is a great way to meet other bloggers and to make money with different campaigns.  You also get a rating based on endorsements that you get from your friends and followers.

They are running a Pinterest Sweepstakes right now so click here to check it out and maybe win!

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pretend Picnic

I am not sure where you are, but it has been pretty cold here the past few days, and raining.  We have had some indoor adventures and have been pretending a lot.

Yesterday we did a pretend picnic with all of the stuffed animals, and Batman.  The boys and I sat all of the toys up in a circle and each got a plate and a cup.  Some got utensils too, but we ran out.  Z would deliver food from the kitchen with his truck and K would spoon feed the animals.  

The animals enjoyed a meal of PomPom balls and Batman apparently enjoys eating nuts and screws for lunch.  

It was so much fun watching them take care of the animals.  If you can get the kids to participate, this activity could last up to an hour.

They had so much fun they keep pretend feeding the animals every chance they get!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

No Sleeping Update!

Well the little guy slept almost all night last night!  But this morning he was coughing really bad again so we took him to the doctor.  The doctor said he has croup :(

From what I can find it stems from a viral infection and isn't contagious as a cough, but somebody might get a cold or virus from him that may lead to the cough.

I also read that using steam, like from a shower, a humidifier, and cold air work well to help soothe the cough.  They gave us a prescription for steroids and said we can use it if we want to.  I think we will try to get rid of the cough without use of steroids unless it gets worse.

What is your opinion on croup and using steroids?  This is the first time either of my kids have gotten it.  And any home remedies are greatly appreciated.

I am just glad we took him to the doctor and have an idea of how to help him and maybe even fix this sleeping thing!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Help! My Kid Won't Sleep!

It all started early Thursday morning. When I say early, I mean 1am early. K (my 20 month old) woke up crying. I went and got him, did all the usual things like check his diaper, get him a drink, made sure he wasn't sick.

Since he isn't usually one to wake up and stay up, I rocked him and put him back to bed. He started crying as soon as I started to leave. This went on for awhile until I gave up and woke my hubby up to take over since I had already been up with him from 1am to 5 and needed to wake up by 7 to watch my kids and baby C.  I couldn't function on only an hour and a half of sleep.

Hubby brought him downstairs and laid on the couch with him and K watched TV.  He stayed up until 8pm that night, refused any nap, and was obviously tired.

The next 2 nights he woke up and I just brought him into our bed. He has never slept with us and it was definitely on and off sleep for all of us.

Saturday night he slept from about 830pm to 6am.  I even went to bed around 1030 so I got a full 8 hours of sleep!  It must have been prep for last night.  He went to sleep, after much coaxing, around 830pm.  I thought we were all good after Saturday night and I stayed up until 11pm.  Big mistake since he woke up at 130.  And he refused to go to sleep again.

I tried everything from rocking, to singing, to bringing him in bed with us.  He would not settle down at all!  After 2.5 hours of battling him I was frustrated, irritated, and grumpy.  I hate being this way and I know it probably wasn't helping matters with his grumpiness.

I woke hubby up to take over.  He brought him downstairs around 5, turned on the TV, and K passed out on his beanbag chair and hubby on the couch.  This is how I found them at 7.

Tonight it was another battle at bedtime and he has started coughing a couple of days ago.  Well tonight he coughed so hard he threw up on me and him.  He finally went to bed around 830 again.

So I am crossing my fingers and thinking positively that he will sleep until at least 6am.

If anybody has any suggestions, please please let me know!  I have tried giving him a baby massage with lavender lotion, rocking and rocking him, warm milk before bed, and tylenol in case his throat hurts from his cough.

Wish me luck :)

Sunday, January 5, 2014 Review

I was recently given an opportunity from to review their products.

I was really excited about this opportunity because I really wanted business cards for my blog and haven't gotten around to it!  

When I went to choose a business card layout I decided I wanted to build my own. There are tons of different layouts available to choose from though. 

It was very easy to build my own business cards and upload my own picture. I realized once I received my cards that I somehow forgot to put my actual web address on them, but this was my fault, not BuildASign's.

I got my cards and I love them. They are good quality and were printed and delivered exactly as I was told they would be. 

I personally didn't have any use for business signs so I let my brother-in-law order signs for his business Situation Solutions. He ordered a 3 foot by 8 foot sign and said the process was also easy.  It was hard to get a good picture of it because it is so big!  He has never ordered from this company before but he ended up ordering a large amount of products because the price is 75% less than at the company he regularly orders from!

When he received the signs I asked him his honest opinion. He said that the signs were delivered when he expected them and they are decent quality.  He orders a lot of signs, and he was happy to try a new and less expensive alternative to what he has been using.

I know I will be ordering my next batch of business cards from and would love if you would stop by and check them out.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas T-Shirt

I love wearing shirts that represent the holidays. Mainly just Christmas and Halloween but sometimes they are hard to find or they are just ugly!

I got the opportunity to review a t-shirt that I designed for Christmas!  I got to pick out the style, size, color, and design. I could even write any text I wanted to on it.

I decided I wanted a Christmas T-shirt because I only have 2 and I really don't like them. 

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Setting Goals as a Family for 2014

I have been talking to my 4 year old about New Year's Resolutions and how the start of a new year is a chance to focus on making changes before the start of the next year.  I also explained to him that setting goals at any time of the year is good, but this is a good time to reflect on those goals.

We all sat down as a family to set our family goals.  These are things that we can help each other with and things that will help make our family stronger.

We all told each other our goals and here is what we came up with.

All in all I think we have pretty decent goals and by talking about them together, we can support each other and remind each other of our goals.  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Improving My Life in 2014

It's the new year and time to make some goals!  Last year I did 12 Months of Getting it Done which worked well until I fell behind.

This year I decided to make life goals about actions, reactions, and just life in general.  There are a few things that I have realized as the year comes to a close.

Life is too short to spend time worrying and wondering about people who do not worry or wonder about you.

The next thing is that life is short so why not try to eat things that benefit your body instead of hinder it.

And the last thing is that spending time with my kids is one of the most important things in my life.
Because of these 3 realizations, I have decided what I am going to focus on this year and every year. Nobody ever thinks in long term or how to improve your life, but that is what I want to do starting now.  My goal is to make these life long habits and skills so that I can better my life and my family's lives.