Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Our Christmas Story!

I hope you all had fantastic holidays!  I had a great Christmas with my family and the boys were thrilled with their gifts!  I got to spend the time with my sister and her family, my dad and stepmom, my mother in law, and of course my husband and kids.

We decided that this year the kids would get a total of 5 gifts each plus their stockings.  1 of those gifts is from Santa and so is the stocking.  You would think that would be a small amount of stuff.  Oh no it isn't!  We got them both a bean bag chair from Target.  So far they seem pretty nice.  They were cheaper than the expensive ones that start at $100 and more expensive than the cheap ones at Wal-Mart that are only $15.  They were $40 each and the boys love them!

They are also both really into Transformers and both got some of those and some other stuff.  Of course they got gifts from friends and family also, but I was happy that each limited it to 1 or 2 gifts each.  They also got some gift cards that they are very excited to use.

I got a tool bag so I can actually find tools when I need them!  I figured since we have about 4 drills, I can steal my favorite right angle drill and hubby will never know.  I am also planning on adding some crafting stuff that I seem to always need.  It will my little piece of happy all to myself!
I think we added about 10 ornaments to our tree this year with all of the ones we received and made so we will definitely need a bigger tree next year!

We spent most of Christmas day at home and relaxing because it's a good day to do that, and it was my husband's first day off since Thanksgiving so he was ready for some relaxing.  We spend some time over my sister's house and my Dad and Stepmom came to visit too.

My Christmas was a really good one. I got to spend the day with the people I love and we all had fun together.  All in all, I hope every Christmas is like this.

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