Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Improving My Life in 2014

It's the new year and time to make some goals!  Last year I did 12 Months of Getting it Done which worked well until I fell behind.

This year I decided to make life goals about actions, reactions, and just life in general.  There are a few things that I have realized as the year comes to a close.

Life is too short to spend time worrying and wondering about people who do not worry or wonder about you.

The next thing is that life is short so why not try to eat things that benefit your body instead of hinder it.

And the last thing is that spending time with my kids is one of the most important things in my life.
Because of these 3 realizations, I have decided what I am going to focus on this year and every year. Nobody ever thinks in long term or how to improve your life, but that is what I want to do starting now.  My goal is to make these life long habits and skills so that I can better my life and my family's lives.

One thing I am going to focus on is building relationships with those who want to build relationships with me.  I am no longer going to focus my efforts on people who don't bother to focus any efforts on me or my family.  This was a hard decision, but a necessary one for my sanity.  I am focusing instead on the people in my life who make me a priority and who love me unconditionally. A few ways I will be doing this is making sure I talk to at least one person who is important to me every day, calling them instead of texting them, and doing something nice for them so they know they are special.

My 2nd life change is paying more attention to what I am putting in my body.  I have always eaten processed foods and not really paid attention to any ingredients.  My sister started eating organic and pays strict attention to ingredients in her foods.  She has been a great influence on me and so has one of my best friends.  For 2 weeks I focused on eating smaller portions, watching what I eat, and eating salad at least once a day.  I lost 4 pounds by just doing that.  Then the holidays came and I became lax.  I ate some junk and ate out a lot.  I can tell you that by eating all of that crap I felt different.  I luckily didn't gain any of the weight back, but I noticed I had more headaches and was more tired when I ate bad.  I will be focusing on eating better from here on out.

And my last life change is spending quality time with my kids and husband.  This is something that I do now, but with my school ending in July I need to find a way to make enough income from home to pay my school loans, for Z to stay in the school he is in for Kindergarten, K to go into part time preschool, and my car payment.  It is very important for me to be able to get the kids off of the bus when they get home from school and to be able to spend most of their day with them.  Just the thought of them having to go to after school care after spending all day at school makes me really sad.  My goal is to find a way to make it happen while helping support our bills.

These are my New Year focuses.  What are yours?

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