Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Is It Enough?

Every day I see things online and on social media outlets about doing enough, being enough, trying enough. And I can relate to every single one of them. All of us take things for granted and sometimes get carried away with the 'things' we want or the 'idea' of how we think things should be. I have a problem with biting off more than I can chew.

I always take on more and more projects, responsibilities, and so on. Right now I watch a 17 month old 5 days a week, stay at home with my 2 kids ages 4 and 19 months, blog, craft, go to school full time, bake, and try to maintain the house.

I constantly strive to get all of these things done, every day. Most days I fail and it sucks. It sucks that sometimes we don't have matched socks. It sucks that sometimes the toys stay in the middle of the floor for the night. It sucks that every once in awhile I don't get to the dinner dishes until the next day at nap time. It sucks that sometimes I can't keep up with my blog or have a late assignment or I am scrambling to pay the bills on time because I forgot. Sometimes having so much going on sucks.

I know I expect too much out of myself, but I always see those people who are supermoms and get it all done without breaking a sweat. I envy them. I want to know their secret. But maybe there isn't a secret. Maybe they are not as cool and collected as they act. Maybe they don't give their kids icing for cookies and let them destroy the kitchen. Maybe they aren't out in the yard running around with their kids. Just maybe they are putting all of that on the back burner so they can get everything else done.  Or maybe they are just that good!

There are only so many hours in the day. The only way to maintain everything, every day, is to use every minute of every day, and I refuse to do that. I like to make a mess in the kitchen with the boys. It might take me an extra half hour to clean the kitchen that day, but we all had fun. I like to play t-ball in the back yard with them rather than spend that time cleaning up.

I am not an organized person and I definitely jump from one project to the next, but I get done what I can get done, when I can. It is frustrating to have to choose between tasks and knowing that every night something will be left undone. I am trying to be ok with this. It helps me to remember that everything will be there tomorrow.

I constantly tell myself that I am enough, I do enough, and I am ok with that. I am happy that I have a constant reminder on social media sites that it is enough and that I do my best. My kids are happy and healthy and that is all that matters.

Do you get everything done all of the time? If so, what is your secret?  Is it magic?

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