Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How To Get the Kids to Clean Up!

I don't know about you but getting my kids to clean up their toys at night is always a slow battle. I say slow because it takes 10 minutes to convince them to clean up and another half hour watching them slow poke through clean up.

I have started trying different strategies to 'spice' up cleaning!  I don't like to clean up so I understand why they don't, but if they don't do it, I might start throwing out toys!

Last night we had flashlight clean up.  They had a blast and all they used was flashlights to clean up with.  And they even got through it without any injuries!

Here are a few other suggestions:
1.  Use dump trucks or wagons to transport the toys to the desired location.
2.  Stack everything in the middle of the room and have them sort and put away.
3.  Time them!  Everything is more fun when you have to race around the room.
4.  Sing clean up songs.
5.  Turn on music and do dancing clean up time.

Good luck convincing your kids it is fun to clean up!  If all else fails, bribery works too!

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