Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Doctor, To Go or Not to Go...

Do you ever have a time when you wonder if you should go to the doctor or not?  I did.  My family has a history of heart issues and recent events have caused me to think about it more frequently.

It is amazing what symptoms your mind comes up with when you think something might be happening.  I have been rearranging furniture lately and I always end up hurting myself when I do that, but of course this time it was my left shoulder.  I don't know about you, but any left arm pains freak me out.  I didn't know that I actually hurt it, it just started hurting.  And then after a few days it started to go down my left arm.  To explain the shoulder pain I would say it feels like it's in my joint.  To explain the arm pain I can only compare it to a slight burning sensation like if you were to put on Icy Hot, but not as strong.

So with these symptoms I was getting a little worried so I started looking it up online.  The only thing I have to say is "BIG MISTAKE".  My mind saw the symptoms and all of a sudden, the next day they started popping up.  I started feeling a little light headed, my heart was racing at times, and I thought I might be having a heart problem.

I didn't want to be one of those people who didn't go get checked out and something bad happen, but I also didn't want to be one of those people who think there is something wrong and it ends up that I am a hypochondriac with nothing wrong.

So I waited and freaked myself out a little more.  I was worrying about my heart and every time I thought about it too much I would have palpitations.  I would take a few deep breaths and they would go away, but I decided it was time to go get checked.

I went to my primary care physician.  They went over my symptoms starting with my arm.  They said I probably hurt my shoulder and that the arm discomfort I described sounded like nerve pain and not necessarily anything to do with my heart.  She said it was highly unlikely.  She said my light headedness could be due to anything including sinus pressure (which I have been feeling lately).  They did an EKG and it looked normal but they are having me wear a heart monitor for 24 hours to record my heart to make sure nothing is wrong.

It may have seemed to some to be a waste of money and time for me to go in since I seem to be perfectly fine, but knowing that I am fine is way better than wondering if I am.

I can tell you that I am really really ready to take this heart monitor off because I have tape and wires from my neck to my stomach and it is really itchy and uncomfortable.  I also have to carry around the monitor and I am not sure where that will go when I go to sleep!  It isn't too bad if I don't move, but I think it will be a rough night sleep tonight!

I feel like if you think something is wrong, you should go to the doctor.  The worst that can happen is you prevent something that could get worse or get peace of mind and find out that you are fine.

I'm glad I went and found out that I am ok and I'm glad that the doctor is taking precautions, like the heart monitor, to ease my mind. 

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