Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thankfulness Tree

With Thanksgiving coming up we have been focusing on being thankful for things that we have.  I am trying to explain this to my 4 year old and encourage him daily to think about the things he has and be thankful rather than always wanting more things.  I also like to start new family traditions and I think is definitely a must do!

With the holiday coming up, we decided to do a Thankfulness Tree in addition to our gratefulness journal.  Here is how we built it.


1 Paper towel roll or inside of wrapping paper cardboard
Wrapping paper
1 Large yogurt container
Green foam (used to hold fake flowers)
Red, yellow, and orange paper

Wrap the yogurt container in your chosen wrapping paper and fill with green foam.  Cut your roll to the height you want your tree to be.  Poke holes in the 'tree' for the sticks.  I made the sticks long enough to push through the tube so it sticks out on either side.

I used my Silhouette to cut out the leave shapes but you could easily cut them out of construction paper by hand.  You can print out a template or even trace an actual leaf.  If you have a silhouette, choose a leaf that already has a hole in the middle to thread the string through, otherwise poke a hole using a pin or a hole puncher.  Thread your string and makes loops in it long enough to go over the branch.

I store the extra leaves in the base and every day we choose one and write what we are thankful for on it and hang it on the tree.  It has been a great experience for Z and it has been enlightening to find out the things he is thankful for.

I hope you enjoy this easy and fun craft that keeps on giving!

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