Thursday, November 21, 2013

Teaching Toddlers Thursday- J through N

Hi everybody!  Thanks for coming back to check out my toddler curriculum for Teaching Toddlers Thursday.  It has been a rough month and I apologize for being so behind, but I am hoping to get caught back up and make sure this is ready when you want it!

We have been focusing on the alphabet and this week wasn't any different.  This week I taught the toddlers letters J through N.

Each day we read books and focuses on words that started with the letters we were interested in. We sang the alphabet songs and tried to play with toys that started with those letters.

For the letters J and K I printed out a picture of a kangaroo and they colored the Jumping Kangaroo.

For L we made a handprint lion.  I drew the lion, but you could print one out online if that is easier.

For M we did a toilet paper roll monkey.  I used a printable template from DLTK-Kids and had the kids color the monkey and then I taped it to the toilet paper roll.  They loved playing with their monkeys!

For N we ate noodles and I used a basket as a Nest and made egg carton balls/eggs and labeled them with letters.  They played with the balls for a few days and used the nest as a basket and storage for them.

We had a pretty fun week.  Hope you stop back for next week's toddler curriculum!


  1. These are great!! I love the lion :) so cute!! Sounds like you all had a fun and educational week!!

    1. Thanks! The kids like them too! We did have a great week :)

  2. Hello Leah, love all your ideas so cute . I nominated you for the sunshine award go check it out here
    Kim ~ this ole Mom

    1. Wow! Thank you so much! I am headed that way


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