Friday, November 1, 2013

Teaching Toddlers Thursday: A-E

I am sorry I am running a little late again this week, but with the kids being sick I am still playing catch up.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

This week's toddler curriculum starts our journey through the alphabet.  Everybody needs to learn the alphabet and Z is focusing on a new letter each week at pre-school so I thought it would work well to focus on letters with the toddlers also.

Songs we sang:
Alphabet Song

Books we read:
This week we read a lot of different books pointing out and referencing words with certain letters. Any and all books will do and you can place your focus on alphabet books.

Instead of doing one letter a week we are focusing on a new letter each day.  Last week we did A through E.

We did A on the first day and read our alphabet books every day.  I drew an apple and let the babies use a scrub sponge to paint it with red paint.  I work to reuse as many things as possible and the lids to yogurt containers make perfect paint pallets for the little ones.

On Tuesday we worked on B.  We focused on words that started with a B.  We ate bananas for a snack and played with balls and balloons all day.  I drew a circle on a piece of paper and they stuck stickers in the 'Ball'.

On Wednesday we did the letter C.  We made a cat face.  I cut out a large circle and 4 triangles out of construction paper.  I glued the circle and the larger triangles down.  The toddlers picked out pom poms for the eyes and nose and pipe cleaners for the mouth and whiskers.  I put the glue down and they glued the pieces to the paper.  They played with cars mainly throughout the day.

Thursday was focused on the letter D.  We focused on dogs, dirt, and ducks.  I cut out a duck shape and taped it to a paper and then let the kids paint the paper.  I pulled the duck off leaving a duck shape with paint around it.  It was an easy craft the kids loved.

Friday we focused on the letter E.  We didn't do a craft this day but talked about elephants, eggs, and ears.  Every day Z was a big helper and would pick out items in the room that started with the letter of the day and he would help me read all of the alphabet books.  

I hope you enjoyed our adventures and will stop back next week for F-I


  1. I've been trying to collect ideas for my toddler's ABC learning. Thanks for sharing this. Pinned!

    1. Thanks for stopping in! We will be doing the whole alphabet over the next couple of weeks so be sure to stop back by :)

  2. Hello Leah just stopping by to say Hello and check out your blog . Love all your Letter ideas.
    Kim ` This Ole Mom


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