Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Teaching Toddlers Thursday- Numbers

Thanks for stopping in.  If this is your first time visiting please check out the previous Teaching Toddlers Thursdays and see if you can find any ideas that help you out.  I have been working on toddler curriculums for a few weeks now and am enjoying having guided play with the kids.

It has been a challenge creating things that my 4 year old and the toddlers will both enjoy so Z is my Assistant Teacher and takes his job very seriously.  He has been doing a great job helping one toddler do a craft while I help the other because since they are still learning, they need individual guidance.

This week we worked on numbers 1-5.  Numbers are everywhere and it was easy to concentrate on counting items, fingers, toes, and anything else we could count.

Books We Read:
The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
My Little Counting Book by priddy books
Ducks & Goose by Tad Hills
Numbers Touch and Feel by priddy books
Duckling by DK

Songs We Sang: I included the words to each below that I got from the book Toddler Play by Gymboree
5 Little Raindrops
The Caterpillar
Ten Little Crayons

5 Little Raindrops: 
5 little raindrops falling from a cloud (wiggle fingers on one hand down)
the 1st one said "my, the thunder's loud." (hold up one finger and cover your ears)
the 2nd one said "it's so cold tonight" (hold up 2 fingers and hug yourself)
the 3rd one said "Oh, the lightning's so bright." (hold up 3 fingers and shield your eyes)
the 4th one said "listen to the wind blow" (hold up 4 fingers and cup your hand to your ear)
the 5th one said "look, I'm turning into snow" (hold up 5 fingers and make them float down)

The Caterpillar:
1 little caterpillar crawled on my shoe (wiggle 1 finger like a worm on a shoe or foot)
Along came another and then there were 2 (hold up 2 fingers)
2 little caterpillars crawled on my knee (wiggle 2 fingers on a knee)
Along came another and then there were 3 (hold up 3 fingers)
Three little caterpillars crawled on the floor (wiggle 3 fingers on the floor)
Along came another and then there were 4 (hold up 4 fingers)
Four little caterpillars all crawled away (wiggle 4 fingers across the floor)
They will all turn into butterflies one fine day! (link your thumbs to make a butterfly)

Ten Little Crayons to the tune of 10 little indians
1 little, 2 little, 3 little crayons
4 little, 5 little, 6 little crayons
7 little, 8 little, 9 little crayons
10 little crayons in a box (hold up and count your fingers as you sing)
Take out a red one and draw a big circle (draw a circle in the air)
Take out a blue one and draw a straight line (draw a line in the air)
take out a yellow one and draw a little triangle (draw a triangle in the air)
Then put them back in the box! (pretend to put them in a box)

We did a few counting crafts where the kids glued felt leaves that I got at the dollar store to paper in squares that I labeled with numbers 1-5.  For Z I did 1+2=3 and 1+3=4 so he could do a craft and still learn something new.

The kids used star shapes to dip into paint and put the correct number of 'stamps' in each spot.  

We counted trees when we went for a walk and we had a lot of fun playing with five dinosaurs and counting them and lining them up.

I think the kids had some fun and maybe even learned something!

I hope you will stop back by next week for Body Parts!

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