Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Teaching Toddlers Thursday- Fall

This week I created a toddler curriculum based on Fall since it was the first week of fall.  We didn't do any special songs or books because the whole week we had perfect fall weather and spent most of our time outside.

The leaves were falling and the temperature was around 70 degrees all week so we enjoyed the weather and took the opportunity to talk about fall and explore.

We went for a fall scavenger hunt and collected different fall items and then we came home and created a fall craft out of contact paper and items that Z found.

We ate snack outside every day and lunch outside a few days.  It was a nice way to teach the kids to enjoy the weather when it is good and that spending time outside is much more fun than sitting inside.

The kids painted outside using leaves and gumballs from the yard.

We worked on a fall handprint craft where I traced their arms and hand and cut it out of dark brown paper.  I picked up some foam fall leaf stickers at the Dollar Tree and they stuck them on the arm 'tree'.

We talked about the different parts of fall, the colors, and the weather.  It was a great week and the kids definitely are looking forward to more outside adventures.

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