Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Getting back to normal

Wow, this has been a rough couple of weeks!  Just when I think I am getting caught up on stuff and in a good position with organizing, the kids get sick.  They didn't just get sick for a few days, right now we are at 2 weeks.  It was one kid, then the other, then Baby C got the same thing and then Baby C caught a cold and thinking it was the same thing as what they already had, we kept them together and then mine got sick again and are still sneezing and coughing.

So I am playing catch-up again and was forced the other day to take a mental break even though I didn't want to and got farther behind on everything!

I hope everybody is ready for Halloween since it is tomorrow!  What are your kids going to be?  Mine are going to be a firefighter and a chicken.  The chicken won't keep his hat on so he will be a funny looking chicken but he will have fun anyway!  Do you go trick or treating in your neighborhood or somewhere else?  This year we will be going in our neighborhood and I got a nice radio flyer wagon off of craigslist to pull the kids in which will be fun.

I am hoping by next week to be back to normal and everybody healthy again so enjoy your halloween and watch out for the viruses and colds this year because they are rough ones.

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