Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Forced Mental Health Night

So last night I had an extreme migraine.  I was almost to the point of throwing up and I couldn't even function.  I have been a little stressed out lately with 2 sick kids and a ton of things to get done.  I have had the headache for at least 4 days on and off.  It wasn't migraine material, but just that throbbing headache telling me it was there and that it could turn into a migraine if I didn't relax.

Well I didn't relax!  I still have 2 sick kids, a ton of homework, and a house that looks like a hurricane hit, so relaxing was just not something I could give myself the luxury to do.  I should have because around 4pm last night my headache started to get worse.  By 6pm my head was pounding so hard I had to turn the TV on for the kids and lay on the couch because everything else hurt too bad.

I put the baby down by 630 last night and Z down by 745.  By that point I definitely couldn't function.  I had taken Excedrin Migraine around 430pm and it didn't even dent it.  All day I had been drinking extra water because I knew I hadn't been drinking enough. I tried eating some cereal but the sound of myself chewing made my head hurt worse.

I didn't know what to do and all of the things I had to do kept going through my head, but every time I moved to do something my head told me to stop or it would explode.

At 9pm I decided I had to go up to bed and maybe wake up later to get some stuff done.  I got some suggestions from my Facebook friends and it seems that the trick is rest, some essential oils, a heating pad on the back of my neck, and some benadryl.  Thank you all for the suggestions.

It worked and my husband called to check on me around 1030 and it was gone.  I was a little too nervous to get out of bed for fear of it coming back so I stayed in bed and slept until 645 am when my alarm went off.

At 11pm my team at school texted me to let me know they completed the team paper (I was supposed to finish it and submit it but I had updated them on my migraine). The world still goes around and some people surprise you and step up to take care of what needs done.  I still have my paper to write and I will get a 20% deduction, my house is still a wreck, and the kids are still sick, but my headache is gone and thanks to the night of not being allowed to think about anything, I feel less stressed out.

Have you been forced to take a mental health day lately?

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  1. Glad you are feeling better! Remember, if you don't take care of yourself who will? Take time for yourself when you can and make time for yourself even when you can't!


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