Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Easy Halloween Crafts

Thanks to everybody for bearing with me while I was dealing with the sick kiddos.  I have a couple of crafts I did with the kids before they got sick.  They are really easy and toddler approved!

Pumpkin Sun-Catcher

Green and orange construction paper
Contact paper

I cut pumpkin shapes out of contact paper and left one side partially attached.  I taped it down to the table and gave the kids ripped up pieces of orange construction paper.  They stuck the papers all over.  I cut stems out of the green paper and showed them where to put it.  I folded the 2nd half of the contact paper over the first half and got a pumpkin!

Spooky Footprint Face

Googly eyes
Kid's feet

I use a clipboard to hold the paper.  I painted the kid's feet one at a time and made their footprints on the paper.  I find that it is easiest and the least ticklish to use a cotton ball to apply the paint!  Let the footprints dry and add googly eyes and paint on a face and you have a cute footprint craft!

Thanks for stopping in and have a great day!

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