Monday, October 21, 2013

Crazy Week

Starting on Wednesday my week has been a crazy one!  Z got a fever on Wednesday and spent the day in our 2nd living room watching movies on the couch.  The next day his fever was gone but he was still pretty grumpy.

Thursday and Friday the toddlers were a little crazy but we made it through!

Saturday we had a busy day planned with a t-ball game starting at 10 (45 mins from home), then a birthday party at 11 (45 mins from the field), then nap time, and lastly grocery shopping.

We pulled up to the field at 10:15 because we caught the only drawbridge in my area and got stuck at it.  As I was loading K into the stroller and packing it full of everything we have to bring with us everywhere, he threw up.  It wasn't a spit up, it was full on sickness.

We had already driven an hour to get there and Z really wanted to play so I luckily had a change of clothes, a towel, a blanket, wipes, and an extra stroller in the car.  Talk about being prepared when you need to!

I got him cleaned up as much as possible and rushed over to the field.  K didn't have any other symptoms at that time and started snacking as soon as we got settled.  I figured it was a fluke.

We went to the birthday party because he still didn't show any symptoms, but at the birthday party he got very tired and very warm.

We got home and he had a 101.8 fever.  This continued with it getting up to 102.2 by Sunday.  Sunday his fever continued all day and Monday his fever was finally reduced but he had a very rough day.  Sunday we spent the whole day home and my husband took Z to another t-ball game.

Monday we stayed around the house most of the day but had Z's t-ball end of season party at 5:30 and we ended up leaving early because K is still very grumpy.

Z went to bed and was coughing and sneezing so I am hoping he will wake up in the morning without any symptoms.

Thanks for understanding why I haven't done any posts!  I haven't even really cooked dinner in 3 days!

How was your past week?

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