Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Children's Festival!

This weekend we went to a Children's Festival.  It is October and should be fall by now.  Last week the weather was in the low 70s and I loved every minute of it!  Today it was 90 and super hot.

We have never been to a Children's Festival and it was really fun.  There were different booths set up for the kids to do different things.

Before we went I showed Z some of the stuff online.  He loves to build things and Home Depot had a build it booth where the kids could build something.  He refused to do anything else until we found that booth.  He loved it and built an airplane.

They had a science section and he was amazed with the physics part and all of the experiments that they had.

We also met my sister and niece there, and it is amazing the different things different kids are interested in.

K painted a pumpkin while Z was at the cooking station in his fancy Chef's hat.

They also made paper bag hats and decorated them.

They had a whole section set up just for the little ones and K got to play in balls and go down a little roller coaster.  Z was very helpful and was all ready to catch K when he came down the hill!

They had a blast and slept really good that night!

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