Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Teaching Toddlers Thursday- Things That Go

This week we did things that go.  We went over everything that goes by air, land, or sea in this week's toddler curriculum.  We didn't go by days this week because there are so many things that go and they wanted to play with all of them!

Books we read:
Mighty Movers Farm by Paradise Press
The Little Red Caboose by Goldenbooks
Thomas & Friends Railway Rhymes
100 Things That Go

Songs we sang:
Wheels on the Bus
Row Your Boat

We only did a few crafts this week because we were too busy getting active!

The first craft that we did was cars driving on the road.  We made a road out of construction paper and put the dotted lines on for the divider.  I cut out car shapes on the Silhouette, but you can print out basic car shapes and trace them and cut them out.  The toddlers drove the cars across the paper making car sounds and were upset when we had to actually glue them down, but Z loved gluing them and helped the little ones since he is Assistant Teacher.

We painted with a turtle car (because he can be run through the dishwasher!) and the kids loved it.

 We used an egg carton to work on their motor skills.  They put cars in the holes, closed it up, dumped them out, and started all over again!

 I cut out a sailboat shape out of construction paper and glued it down and the kids put stickers all over the water and the boat.

 We played with trains, and of course construction vehicles!

It was pretty hot out so we concentrated on boats outside in the water table and the pool and then the kids started digging away and transporting their dirt in the dump truck!

We have some wooden transportation puzzles that they really liked trying to do.  One even makes vehicle noises so that was the biggest hit!

 I used a red plastic tub lid and put tape on it to make a road and they loved racing the cars on it until Z decided it needed to be bigger!  We built a foam hop scotch we have and flipped it over.  We put tape on the back of it and even made helicopter landing pads.  Z likes to roll things down the 'ramp', AKA wedge pillow.  I think this was one of their favorite things this week because they played with it most of the day.

We pulled out the play dough one day to make tire prints and Z used it to load and transport in his dump truck and me and K worked on covering the cars.  C decided he wanted to taste it, a lot, so his play dough excursions got cut short!  Luckily I know exactly what is in my play dough because I made it!  You can get the recipe here.

I think the kids had a lot of fun this week and I hope you will stop back by next week for Farm Animals!

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