Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Teaching Toddlers Thursday- Colors

This week's Toddler Curriculum was colors.  It was a short week because of Labor Day so we 'crammed' colors into 4 days!  Each day we concentrated on a different color and the kids had a blast.

Books we read:
The First Book of Colors by Crayola
Winnie-the-Pooh's Colors inspired by AA Milne
Colors Everywhere by Sam McBratney
Yellow and Yummy by Grolier
Colors by National Geographic Little Kids
Colors by D.K.
Baby Colors by LB Kids
Colors from Nature by PlayBac publishing (a favorite of theirs)

First me and Z made colored rice for the week.

He added the ingredients, mixed it all up, and spread it on the pans to dry.  He is a very good teacher assistant.

Each day we read our books and talked about colors.  We also took walks, weather permitting, and pointed out all of the same colors from that week.

Monday: Labor Day
Tuesday: Blue
Wednesday: Green
Thursday: Red
Friday: Yellow and all Colors

On Tuesday we played with the blue rice in plastic containers and the toddler shook them, threw them, and played with them for awhile.

We attempted a craft of glueing the rice to paper but the rice didn't stick very well once it was dry but the kids did love playing with the glue and rice mixture.

On Wednesday we made handprint trees.  Z drew the tree trunks for the toddlers to paint on and the toddlers put handprints (mostly) on the top of the tree trunks with green paint.

On Thursday we made red footprint butterflies.  I have been wanting to do these every since I first saw them and just haven't done it so this was the perfect opportunity.  I painted the body and used a clipboard to hold the paper steady while I painted their feet and made their prints.  They liked getting tickled with the paint brush and keep pointing at the butterflies.

We also made red jello jigglers and Z cut them out with cookie cutters (of course the only ones I have are Christmas ones!) and the kids loved the texture and of course the taste!

On Friday we talked about everything yellow.  They had bananas for breakfast and banana pudding after lunch.  We also reviewed all of the colors.  We took the remaining colored rice and empty water bottles and made shakers.  I glued the lids on so that they won't accidentally come off and the kids are still shaking them!

We took a long walk to the park and we talked about all of the different colors everywhere.  We saw a duck, turtles, and birds.

I think the kids had a great time and learned a lot!

Come back next week for Things That Go!

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