Friday, September 27, 2013

Package Pals, What I Sent and Received

This is my 2nd time participating in Package Pals and I had just as much fun this time as I did last time!  I really like doing it, and it makes it more fun being a little unsure of what to send.

I was lucky enough to be paired with Taylor at Love and Rust.  She is very creative and was thoughtful in what she sent in my package.  She sent me a lot of crocheted items and I absolutely love them because they are awesome and I don't crochet so it is definitely a treat.

She also included a cross-stitch with my initial and cute personalized cards for me.  I love beach glass and she filled a cute little light bulb looking jar with them.

I have never actually used washi tape so I was excited to get a roll from her.  She made me a business card holder too and I love it.  I really enjoyed opening and going through her package that she sent me.  My 4 year old loved the crocheted heart so much that he stole it and keeps it in his room!

After exchanging some emails I felt I had a good idea of what Taylor would like so I got to work on my package for her.

I made her a sign with her blog name on it and made cute bottle cap flowers on it (for my first time doing these I think they turned out pretty good!).

I also included a decorative box that I found at Michael's, some crocheting yarn and a few things for her cross stitching adventures.  I also included a small notebook for her.

Thanks to C.R.A.F.T. for putting this together.  You can go HERE to see all of the package pals link ups!

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