Monday, September 16, 2013

How to Manage the Kids in Hotels

We took our 2nd trip in a month and had to stay with the kids in the hotel.  The last trip was for the Antiques Roadshow and this trip was for a wedding.  Both trips were only for one night with minimal time spent in the hotel room.

The first trip the baby refused to sleep and finally fell asleep around 930 and was up 3 times from then to 530 when he woke up.  The 4 year old fell off of the bed 3 times and we found out he kicks, hard, in his sleep when we tried to sleep with him to stop him from falling off!

We were really dreading the hotel stay and debated on heading home after the wedding because it was only a 2 hour drive.  We decided against it and decided to get a 2 room suite to help alleviate some of the stress.  The hotel we stayed out was beautiful and I would stay there every time!  I am pretty picky about my hotels because I worked in hotels for years and if it is not what I expect when I pay for it, I am really disappointed.  If you are ever in Richmond, VA, stay at the Westin!

Even better was that was where the wedding reception was.  We checked in, got ready and headed down to the wedding.  My boys danced all night and we went to the room around 830pm.  We decided we would all sleep in the bedroom portion because there was plenty of room.  We had a playpen for the baby and we decided Z would sleep on the floor.  It was a good setup because there was about a 2.5 foot gap between the bed and the wall so he would be trapped and couldn't roll too far!  We padded it with blankets and pillows and he slept great all night.

K on the other hand was almost asleep when I was holding him and I put him into the playpen and he immediately started screaming.  This continued for about an hour, no matter what I did.  I normally do not turn on the TV to calm my kids down, but I had to do something because at this point it was already almost 10.  I turned on this show called Airplane Repo and turned the volume off and he really liked it.  He liked it so much he dozed off within a few minutes!  By that time Z was already sleeping so we went back into the bedroom and K woke up again so I turned the show on in there and he was snoring in no time.

I kept him in bed with us and turned off the TV.  This worked for about 2 hours until 1230 when he woke up screaming.  He was up until 2am and I finally got him back to sleep and put him in the playpen in the living room.  Both kids slept until around 845am so that was great!

Looking back I would have rocked K all the way to sleep right from the start and held him until I knew he wasn't waking up and then put him in the playpen.  I guess it is trial and error.

What do you do to help your kids adjust when you stay somewhere that isn't your home?

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