Monday, September 23, 2013

5 Year Old TACKLE Football? What?!

My 4 year old is in T-ball right now and he likes it until it is game day.  He likes hitting and throwing and catching, but not waiting.  We all know baseball can get kind of boring.  He says he likes it, but I think he would like something with a little more action, like football.

So as I am researching it for when he turns 5 next year, I find that most of the 5-7 year age range are all TACKLE football!  I was shocked by this and envisioned a huge 7-year old tackling my little boy!

I asked my friend, who's son is the same age, if she was thinking of putting him into football.  She said not because the only ones she found were tackle football and her cousin's son was in it and won't play anymore because he got tackled and got hurt.

My opinion is that 5 or 6 is too young for tackle football.  I feel that they will be so worried about getting tackled, that they won't learn the game at all and could get unnecessarily hurt.  Their little bodies are not meant to be smashed by a 7-year old.

I think it teaches them that is ok to be aggressive and at this age, I don't think they can separate when it is ok and when it isn't because they are still really learning how to control their own actions.
So what is your opinion on tackle football at 5 or 6?

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