Monday, August 19, 2013

Doorway Redo

First, let me apologize for the terrible pictures! I was using my phone and the room wasn't very bright.

When we bought our house a year ago there was a door from my son's room into the bathroom. This door was oddly placed and actually hit the regular bathroom door when it was opened.  We quickly realized that we also did not have a linen closet upstairs at all.

We decided to transform his doorway.  I wasn't blogging at the time so I don't have any pictures of before.  The doorway was deep enough to create a linen closet on the bathroom side and a shelving area in my son's room.

First we bought some 1/2 inch thick wood and cut it to size and fit it into the area to divide the 2 sections.  We secured it with screws.  We still don't have the entire linen closet side completed because we finally finished cutting the wire shelves, but I finally finished the side in my son's room over the past couple of weeks.

First we went to the store and got a piece of 1x2.  This is to hold the shelves.  We measured the sides where the shelves would rest and I cut the pieces to size.  I screwed them into place and used a level to make sure it was all level.  I measured the remaining amount of wood and cut 4 pieces the same size for the middle support.  I leveled these as well and screwed them into the wood.

Now we had all of the shelves in we needed to paint everything.  I went through my Oops paint supply and found that I had enough green to do the closet area as well as a wall in his room that was just mudded dry wall.  I painted the back of the shelving area and the shelves green and painted the side supports the same blue as the wall.

Once everything was completely dry I put screws in the back of the shelves to make sure that they didn't slide.  I used my new favorite drill ever (and my husband is going to miss it!) to reach in a the small space.

Then I was done and Z started piling on the piggy banks!

Now he can get all of his knick knacks off of his dresser.

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  1. Making the doorway into storage was a genius idea!!

    1. Thanks! My best idea yet I think!!

  2. Great job! It's amazing what a little TLC can do isn't it? Krista @ A Handful of Everything

    1. Thanks! It is something that has been put off forever and it is so nice for it to be done and Z loves it!


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