Sunday, August 18, 2013

Antiques Roadshow Trip

This past weekend I got to go to the Antiques Roadshow!  My mother in law loves this show and convinced me, after much nagging, to enter to win tickets.  My name was drawn in the drawing and we took a short trip to check it out.


It was only about a 2 hour ride, but with 2 kids under the age of 5 it was important to be prepared! By the way the car was loaded up and the entertainment that was packed for the kids, you would think we were going for more than 1 night.  Z got to play his shapes and tracing games on the iPad with his headphones for the trip.  He definitely thought he was a hot shot!

We got there the night before to make sure we made the 10am entrance time and stayed in a pretty nice hotel.  We got a 2 room suite since it was 3 adults and 2 kids.  We had a nice view of the courtyard from our balcony and the kids loved the room.  Z got a whole full size bed to himself and I wedged 2 pillows on either side of the bed under the fitted sheet so he wouldn't fall off.  

The baby hid in the curtains and loved it and Z got his own haven in his bed.  I thought for sure the pillows would secure him, but he fell off the 2 feet tall bed twice in the middle of the night!  If I wasn't so tired from being up with K all night I would've thought it was funny.  (Ok, it is pretty funny, especially since he didn't even know he fell off!)
The next day, it was Roadshow time!  We debated on taking Z or K with us while my husband kept the other one.  We decided on bringing the baby because he had a rough night sleeping and we thought he would fall asleep quickly in the stroller... we were definitely wrong!  I received a lot of compliments about how good he was behaved, but he was only good because me and my mother in law held him the whole time! He fell asleep about 10 minutes before we got picked back up!

When we got to the Antiques Roadshow we entered into a big room where we waited in line for about a half hour to get individual tickets for our individual items.  We had 2 collectibles, 1 folk art, and 1 poster.  
Once we got through that line, we had to wait in individual lines for each item.  I waited in the Folk Art line for my antique cane for about an hour and a half.  

I waited patiently in line and finally got to see an appraiser and I was told that my cane was hand carved during the Civil War and that most gentlemen had one like it during that time.  It is worth a couple of hundred dollars.  I figure that isn't too bad considering my dad bought it at a thrift store years ago for a few bucks.  

My mother in law's items were only worth about $35 so I did better than she did!


  1. I love Antiques Roadshow! I want to go there one day. That cane is awesome. I just went to Gettysburg a few weeks ago while I was on a road trip...the cane looks right out of the Civil War museum. Beautiful piece of history.

    1. It would have been a lot more fun without the kiddos but it was still something neat to do. Thanks for stopping in


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