Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Preschooler Writing Practice

I bought this huge dry erase board about a month ago at a yard sale. I knew I would use it with Z to practice writing and drawing, but haven't touched it since I bought it.

Z has been getting really good at tracing and has been trying to write things on his own, so I figured it was time to start practicing.

As soon as I brought out the board and the markers he lit up, he loves this stuff!

I drew a line down the middle to split it and I took one side and he took one side.

After I wrote a letter, he would write the same one on his side.  If he had a problem with a letter I drew dots for him to connect.  He did a great job for it being the first time writing every letter!

We got through the whole alphabet and he loved doing it. 

Sometimes all it takes is doing something in a way you know they will like for them to respond well to it. 

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  1. Great idea! Sometimes just the novelty of something new will inspire them to work on something they otherwise would have no interest in. My 4-year-old is just starting to be interested in learning to write letters.


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