Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Easy Paper Birds

My 15 month old loves birds.  He loves watching them, hearing them, and looking at them in books. I have been having a hard time keeping him on his changing table for diaper changes and I am constantly fighting him so I had the idea to hang birds from his ceiling.

Now I just had to figure out how to make birds to hang from the ceiling without actually buying them or having to do origami (not my thing!).

I had a few friends over and I was talking to them about it and one of them just started cutting some scrapbook paper into a bird shape.  It ended up being perfect so I traced multiple birds and cut them all out.  I was so focused in my thought of making it 3D that I didn't even consider something so simple.

After all of the birds were cut out I poked 2 holes in the middle and thread fishing line through the holes from the top and tied them at the top of the bird and then tied a knot at the length where I wanted to hang them from the ceiling.

I used a white push pin to hold them on the ceiling.  They look like birds and fly when a breeze blows.  He loves them and they keep him entertained while I change his diaper!

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