Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Teaching Kids the States and Capitals

I don't know about you, but geography is my worst subject along with history.  I am determined not to make it my kids worst subjects either.  A year ago if you asked me the capitals of the states I wouldn't of had any clue!  Today, I can name them all and even show you where they are on the map!

Here is the updated wooden map if you want one.

 This is thanks to learning while playing.  About 2 years ago I found an awesome United States Wooden puzzle at a yard sale.  I knew my son was too young then, but we have been building it now for about a year and it is one of his favorites.

He knows every state and it's capital.  He also knows the states by shape and he is only 4!  I attribute this completely to this puzzle that we do every night at bedtime (his choice!).  One day he was cutting out cardboard and he comes running in and tells me it's Louisiana and sure enough, it looked just like it!

He also has a Tag and the LeapFrog LeapReader Interactive United States Map Puzzle (works with Tag) to go with it and that is great for learning more about the different states.  I never thought he would learn the states this young.  Next purchase is a globe!

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