Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Fun!

We had a great weekend and we have been working hard on our Summer Bucket List.  I have been told by a few people this weekend that the name implies it is a list of things to be done before we die, even though I had originally thought of a bucket list as a list of things to do before the end of a certain time frame such as summer.

Well because now this morbid implication is in my head, we are now calling it our Summer Fun List!

We were busy this weekend crossing things off of our list!  We went to a new park on Thursday night and to the bay on Friday and played in the sand.

We went to a cookout on Saturday that would have been rained out, but instead we played in the rain!

And we bought some kid-type fireworks and sparklers on the way home and Z got to do sparklers for the first time!

All in all, we had a pretty great weekend!  Are you working on a summer fun list?  Have you started yet?


  1. I think I agree with your definition of a bucket list- the non-morbid one. Sounds like you have a fun summer ahead of you!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. It has been great to just say "what are we going to do today?" and check out the board and pick something! It is fun and easy too.

  2. We sure are working on a summer fun list! I just blogged it this week, we did our bucket list in the shape of the periodic table of the elements. Got a lot done so far, but still lots to do!

    1. That sounds fun! I will stop by and check it out. Thanks for stopping by.


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