Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Library Fun!

Since we moved back to VA I haven't been to the library once!  It had been over a year and way too long!  I figured I would check online to find some good books for the kids and as soon as I tried to log in I got a big warning that said my library card was in delinquent status!

In my head I'm imagining hundreds of dollars in fines and I finally find the amount and its $2.35!  So we took a trip to the library, paid my fine, and renewed my card!  I was even able to get Z his own library card, how fun is that?!

The library even has a household battery recycling drop!

I never realized the library's possibilities before. They have classes and craft days and even a fire safety day where a fire truck comes!  I missed the sign ups for the story times this session but I stopped up today in hopes that some people didn't show up and was able to get in!  Story time was  fun and full of action and bubbles!

They also have large blocks and other kids hands-on activities that the kids can play with.

This week we have 2 scheduled library activities!  What does your local library offer?


  1. I LOVE library visits! You made me giggle about the library warning, I feel the same way when I get one of those and it always turns out to be less than $5 lol. Thanks for sharing these cute photos, I'm inspired to take my toddler to story time again soon, I forgot how much fun it is for them!

    1. I am happy to inspire! We actually went 3 times this week and my 4 year old asks every day if we can go again. Who can beat it? It's free and the kids love it and learn!

  2. This is nice! Found your blog through Showing Some Love Hump Day and followed your blog!
    Laura, http://camillaandroman.blogspot.com/

    1. Thanks for stopping in. Headed to check you out!


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