Thursday, June 13, 2013

Father's Day Homemade Gifts

We celebrated Father's Day a little early so I can share this without hubby seeing early!

For Father's Day Z decided he wanted to create something out of popsicle sticks, wood, and paint for Daddy.  So I gave him some popsicle sticks and some glue and he created.  I helped a little so that it could all stay together, but he did pretty much everything.

He came up with a lighthouse (the red) with a ladder on the front, a small bench, a picket fence, and hammers "to bam it down with".

We also created a marshmallow shooter for him!  I saw it here and figured it looked easy enough!  It was so simple to make with 1/2 inch PVC and some spray paint.

I bought a 5 foot piece of PVC and 6 elbows and 3 T pieces.  Make sure they all fit together before you leave the store because I didn't and had to change the design a little bit!  I cut it with a Miter saw and pieced it together.

The 'handle' I put a little masking tape at the top to prevent the marshmallow from falling down and I taped the bottom of the handle with Gorilla Tape to seal it off (you can buy end caps but I bought the wrong ones!).

They I sanded the end that you put your mouth on to remove any sharp edges and spray painted!  He loved it and I am still working on mine and Z's so we can have a marshmallow battle.

The baby made Daddy a Handprint and Footprint card with a poem I wrote here.

All in all, I think we did pretty good and Daddy was happy!

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