Wednesday, June 5, 2013

5 Ways to Slow Down for the Summer

I am doing a 12 Months of Getting it Done goal program and so far I have gotten a lot accomplished.  My goals for April and May were the same, being better with time management.  This was unsuccessful and I am still pursuing ways to be better with it but I can't take another month to do it, it will be an ongoing goal for me.

For June I am going to work on slowing down and embracing the summer and the kids.  I read about this here and it seems like a great idea.  

Sometimes you get so involved in everything that needs done and that you want to involve the kids in, you don't slow down and enjoy it.  My goal for June and throughout the summer will be to enjoy everything, take my time, and slow down.  

Some ways I plan on doing this are:

1.  Unplug and put the computer and phone down for most of the day.
2.  Play outside, get dirty with the kids and let them be the messy kids they are!
3.  Try not to constantly rush the kids to go places, we will get there when we get there.
4.  Not pack my days so full that it is stressful and make the most of the weekends.
5.  Work on my time management so that my free time is actually free time.

I am not saying that every day will work out this way or that I am going to let the kids run around inside the house covered in mud, but my goal is to do this 3/4 of the time instead of the 1/8 of the time I do it now.  

Does anybody want to join me in slowing it down for the summer?


  1. Had to stop by after seeing your title. I am writing this from a tiny bedroom in a convent retreat house in Dubuque, Iowa for the precise purpose of understanding the proper pace of life. Mine is different from yours, of course--my children are grown and gone--but the principle is the same, I think. And, this is what I've learned: God intends for us to have rhythms in life. He established times and seasons and festivals. Ecclesiastes says that there is a time for everything, but I have learned that it is not the same time. Here, I either pray or go to church 4 times a day, and it frames everything else I do (which is trying to finish the editing on my first novel) and although I know I will not be able to continue that same rhythm once I go home, I can establish a new one. But a rhythm, not a rap song, is what is needed.

    1. I appreciate you stopping in. It is always nice to stop and smell the flowers and take that much needed time to not rush through everything. Sometimes a step back or a short break is all it takes to be able to realize everything around you.

  2. Ok you lost me at unplug the computer.....
    I mean I get what you're saying but..really? You can't mean me :P kidding kinda
    Thanks for hooking up to the Hump Day Hook Up

    1. I think that is going to be my hardest thing to do! Especially since I take classes online and have my blog. I figure that I will try as hard as possible to stay off of my phone and computer unless the kids are otherwise occupied such as sleeping or eating! Wish me luck! Stop by tomorrow, I am co-hosting a link up

  3. Very cool, Leah! I am visiting from Hope in Every Season Party! I'd love to have you also come over to my party What to do Weekends. Have fun. Linda


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