Friday, May 3, 2013

The Leak

Would you rather own or rent your home?  I would much rather own my home than rent.  We rented when we lived in Minnesota and it was nice to be able to call somebody if something was wrong, but the wall colors were terrible, and then of course the landlord tried to keep our deposit for no other reason than that we moved out of state and it would be hard to dispute.  

The whole point of my story is that with all of the great things that come with owning a home, you have the not so fun stuff too!  We live in a 2 story home and when we bought it there was evidence of prior leaks from the upstairs bathrooms and the home inspector told us they were all old and nothing to worry about.  

Eight months later and my husband walks into the spare room while I am in the shower upstairs and the ceiling is leaking!  Leaks are never fun because everything gets wet and you have no idea how long this has been going on or how wet this stuff has gotten in a room that is rarely used.  

Luckily the leak was not above the spare bed or any really important stuff.

My husband cut a hole in our ceiling today to find the culprit.  The previous owner, I am assuming, did his own handiwork with what looks like electrical tape.  I am no expert but it was my understanding that electrical tape is not best used on plumbing and that they actually make stuff specifically for plumbing!  So it is no wonder why the leak came back.  

Wish us luck on fixing the leak and repairing the ceiling!  It'll be an adventure as usual!

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