Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Reward Charts

I have been having some behavior issues with my 4 year old and we are going back to basics.

We have done reward charts, or as we call them, sticker charts, since Z could understand it. These charts have helped him go to bed, brush his teeth, get potty trained, and improve general behavior.

It is easy to forget to do things like this when you are balancing and juggling multiple things on a daily basis, but I have recently realized that things of this sort need to be my priority and not put on the unnecessary list.

Z isn't allowed out of his room after bedtime unless something is wrong, he is supposed to stay in his room for an hour to either nap or have quiet time, and he is supposed to stay in his room until 7am for my sanity and to give him time to wake up.  These things have become a source of frustration lately as he wasn't doing any of them.  He had also been throwing fits at nap and bedtime.

So we created 3 sticker charts.  We did Sunday through Saturday and every time he does what he is supposed to for nap, bedtime, and in the morning he gets a sticker.  Once he gets 3 stickers in a row he gets a surprise.  When we were potty training, he would get to pick a prize out of a 'prize bin' when he went #2 on the potty.  Right now it is really anything that he would consider a prize.

We have been doing it for about 6 days and he has already earned 2 prizes for nap time and working on more.  Once we hit the 2 week mark I will change it to 4 in a row and so on.  After the chart is full, we are done for now.  If we do it for too long, it looses it's appeal but by then he is already used to doing better.

I recommend reward charts for everybody who has a kid!  


  1. We do these too and they work great!! We have just used one for our 4 year old staying in her bed all night so far, but I should try them for other areas too.

    1. I use them for everything! 3 is the most I have done at 1 time though. The only reason I did 3 this time was because it was all related to bedtime. I think I might have to take 1 or 2 down and focus on one area at a time


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