Tuesday, May 7, 2013

16 Ways To Go Green Every Day

Another great post contributed by my sister Jes!

Earth Day? 

Wow, it comes and goes without me even remembering…I think it is because for me, I feel like it is Earth Day every single day! I try to do every thing I can to reduce, reuse, recycle.

Here are 16 things I do every day to help our planet & our health!

1.  We keep our fridge door closed at much as possible! I gather up what I need in one trip into the fridge when I can.     
     Same goes for when I am putting stuff back. I try to bundle in and bundle out!

2.  We turn off the water while brushing teeth & we take shorter showers. Did you know that if a family of 3 cuts their
     showers by 2 minutes, 4600 gallons of water are saved annually!

3.  We compost all of our veggies scraps, they are great in the garden!

4.  We try to never use paper plates or plastic cups. There are more eco friendly disposable plates, cups and cutlery out
     there for when you do have to use them! They sell them at Whole Foods and Party City!

5.  We recycle batteries & CFL light bulbs (Lowes does both)

6.  Repurpose when I can.

7.  We switched from wipes to washcloths at the dinner table for my little one.

8.  We use homemade hand sanitizer, it saves on buying new packaging, plus it doesn't have the harmful chemicals that 
     most of the ones on the market have these days!

9.  We eat and use organic products as much as our wallet allows. Pesticides on our foods and chemicals in our products 
     are not only bad for us, they are bad for the environment as well. 

10.  Instead of everything ending up in the garbage/landfill, we try to give away, donate or sell items that are no longer 
       needed. Our trash could be someone else's treasure!

11.  Our home is filled with the CFL bulbs which use a considerably less amount of electricity. We are going to be 
        switching to new LED bulbs that use even less and give off little to no heat. This, in turn,  will keep your room cooler.
       Which is great in the summer, reducing the amount of heat in the rooms. Turning off lights & electronics when not in 
       the room saves electricity.

12.  We keep several plants in the house to filter the air. Air in our homes is actually more toxic that the air outside!

13.  We use reusable bags for 98% of shopping outings. If I happen to not have a bag with me, I opt out of getting a bag if
        it can be carried to the car without a bag.


14.  We opt out for all of the mailings & junk mail. It doesn't completely stop stuff from getting in your mailbox, but it does 
       reduce the amount of stuff.

15.  Use glass storage containers instead of plastic.

16.  Use baking soda, vinegar, peroxide, and alcohol for cleaning.

I hope some of these tips help you have Earth Day every day in your home too!!


  1. Hi, Leah. I've nominated you for the Beautiful Mama Blog Award. My post is going live tomorrow. Thanks for inspiring me! http://wp.me/p280y0-Rf

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